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From the G.O.D group of Sydney’s 1990s, queer objects and archives

You will assume that witnessing items from your own stayed experience in a museum is actually a blunt note of the advancing decades. Nevertheless when

Nick lifts the archival box lid making use of the thrive of a designer unboxing a glittering celebration outfit, my sole reaction is chuckle in delight.

“this might be acidic cost-free

paper,” he informs me personally, beaming. “in preserving the material.”

The guy invites me to part the structure, exposing Jasper’s coat throughout its magnificence.

Image: Lisa and Jasper with Jade and Snezana within their G.O.D. jackets, Sydney, c.1990, unknown professional photographer. Files of

Wicked Ladies

, politeness
Australian Queer Archives


great thirty decades have actually passed away since we xeroxed the

Wicked Women

zine that will start a change in over 60 lesbians of inner city Sydney. Subsequently, my life provides managed to move on, right after which on once more.

Very, whenever I heard that Jasper had cleansed his storage and donated stuff on the
Australian Queer Archives

for safekeeping, I became excited for a look.

The last time we noticed this woollen army jacket, it had been flung to one side in amorous haste to put crumpled on the ground.  Now, analyzing it inside archival box, m

emories are available stunning flashes and tactile feelings.

I remember the sluggish burn strength contained within Jasper’s small structure.

The jacket is embellished with shoulder patches on the famous G.O.D. gang, a club of kinds started by Jasper, Jade and I in 1990 as soon as we lived together in a ramshackle patio in Ultimo.


reativity was all of our faith, so we decided to develop our very own subversive sect. We find the name G.O.D because we had a need to turn to the best authority to guard us. Punks like united states seldom had cash left over for a cab. We made the means house by foot from nightly dyke club, party, movie evaluating, performance or prepare upwards.

In belated 1980s, Sydney roads happened to be treacherous; homosexual bashing ended up being a street recreation legitimised by a homophobic police. We required defense. The good news is, we’d G.O.D. on the part.

The characters could indicate many circumstances: ladies of Dishonour, Guys of Disgrace, women on Drugs. We don’t dictate the phrase, but we did veterinarian just who joined.

One drunken night was invested devising intricate and suitably debauched initiation ceremonies for new users. The truth is, truly the only requirement was friendship.


the guy not enough social assistance for queers designed we used a Do-it-yourself mindset for from garments to enjoyment sites plus our personal safety.  Before long, we gathered a credibility as a vigilante group of queer renegades.

People projected all sorts of untamed and kinky dreams on united states. We admit We loved the swivelling sight even as we swaggered into female club decked in our very own G.O.D coats. I am certain we slashed an excellent swathe.

But to be truthful, that time Jasper and I also toddled through Chippendale to a haberdashery store to get the patches embroidered, we were more like sweet crafting lesbians than butch riders. (You should not simply tell him I told you that).

The Lipstick Lesbian contingent with the G.O.D. gang, c.1990, unfamiliar professional photographer, registers of Wicked girls, politeness
Australian Queer Archives


ere would be the magazines!” Nick says as he places another archival field on the table.

“cheers,” my vocals provides reduced. Tender memories of Jasper have actually calmed my nerves.

I search the early editions of

Wicked Women


Exactly what strikes me personally may be the pre-selfie generation model of picture taking. There aren’t any ‘duck mouth’ or wide-eyed expressions throughout these photos. We had a separate knowing of the digital camera back then.

Used mostly at home by Jasper and myself, the grainy photos have actually an intimate, exclusive quality. We shuffle the publications across the table top. A new lady catches my attention, glaring back at myself through years.

The woman drive gaze challenges us to keep in mind my personal spunky tenacity. I stare right back at my self at twenty, ensnared in a time travel staring competition. She gains.

The clearly queer desire pulses from the pages before me personally. It is very noticeable these photos happened to be made for the lesbian look. You can find it in positions we hit as well as the clothes we wore. It is possible to feel it when you look at the union within photographer and subject matter.

Lesbian pornography intended for by dykes features a specific stress. Really unapologetic. Amongst other activities, it claims “I am not for sale”.

Wicked Women Magazine Vol 1 No 5, c.1989 cover design Lisa, photographed by Jasper, Records of Wicked ladies, politeness
Australian Queer Archives


lean in my seat and let-out an intense sound. I have been right here for hours. I display a grin with Nick. Gosh, accurate representation is nice.

Retrospective acceptance is even better.

My state of mind is actually bolstered. My own body actually seems stronger. Together Jasper and I started a ruckus! Damn it, i would like that crazy riot grrl energy during my life today! Gosh, I got balls in those days.

Before you leave, I take one last glance at the G.O.D. coat. I’m pleased to note that it is still somewhat grimy  around the cuffs. Im grateful Jasper saved this material, hence within the archives the artefacts being maintained with strong queer reverence.

Seeing things from my entire life in a museum will not generate me feel outdated. It creates me feel appreciated. Queer feminist history matters. My personal story matters.

We farewell Nick, and strut within the lane with a brand new sense of purpose.

Alongside me personally strides my personal  G.O.D. crew, all decked call at our very own jackets. Again possessing the roadways.

Lisa Salmon is a queer creator and artist. She premiered as a writer and manager in 1989 when she and her subsequently companion Jasper Laybutt established Australia’s first lesbian sexual zine Wicked Women. Her memoir keeps track of the woman role as provocateur during the early days of queer women’s intimate liberation when the search for satisfaction was actually a strong governmental protest. Current conversations about sex, feminism, identification and queer representation inform her work.

The Australian Queer Archives (AQuA)
accumulates, preserves and commemorates product from the everyday lives and encounters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender varied, intersex, queer, Brotherboy and Sistergirl (LGBTIQ+) Australians.